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Maintenant ça suffit- enough with housing scams.

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A Project born out of Law and Business students' aspiration for a fairer and more transparent rental market in France.

       We provide straightforward guidance to managing rental scams. Specifically tailored to meet the needs and constraints faced by Non-French speakers in France.​


Completely free of charge.

Housing scams are worryingly common. Our mission is to combat this trend through providing resources and one-on-one consultations for non-French speakers faced with rental scams.


We stand against unnecessarily confusing bureaucracy and opaque rental processes, with the hope that foreigners making their home in France- either short-term or long-term- feel welcome and safe.  

Our Vision & Mission 

Our Areas of Focus 

Put an end to information asymmetry between landlords and tenants

Specialised services for non-French speakers 

Basic understanding of French Laws for everyone

An association that non-French speakers can freely relate and seek help for

Put an end to Information Asymmetry- between landlords and tenants

Certain landlords take advantage of non-French- speakers, foreigners, and/or students to keep money from rental deposits. 

Our Aim: To ensure language or unfamiliarity with France's legal system does not form a barrier for you to assert your rights. 

We hope to contribute to a welcoming environment for non French natives to live in France.

Specialised Services- for non-French speakers 

French housing website ANIL exists but it caters to French speakers. 

Our Aim: Bilingual in French and English, we aim to ensure you get all the information you need, in a language accessible to you

Basic Understanding of French laws - for everyone

A basic understanding of French law is already useful for most cases. 

Our Aim: We understand that the law can be intimidating, especially in a foreign language. We aim to distill the most useful information for you, simple and stress-free

We hope to contribute to a welcoming environment for non French natives to live in France.

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